August 13, 2022

Top tips to invest in Real Estate

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Josh Cheema

Top tips to invest in Real Estate

Over the course of the last decade, I have bought multiple properties and also helped countless buyers.

Here are my top tips to invest in real estate.

1. Mindset: Think long-term. Similar to blue-chip stock/ETFs, real estate is a long-term play. There will be time to buy and time to hold.

2. Objective: Behind each investment, there has to be a focus. Whether that is assignment, sale, refinance, etc. Each buyer is at a different stage of the investment cycle and the plan has to be customized accordingly.

3. Buy investments/properties that can stand the test of time. Right now mortgage rates are high, and so is the rent (tune of 20%).

4. Work with industry specialists to plan ahead. I made most of my investors refinanced earlier this year, now either buying properties or waiting for opportunities to come by.

5. Get the complete picture, money is not made on rent or appreciation alone but also taxes and capital gains.

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